Saltine Pork Chops

Jacob has been bringing home Saltine crackers from school as part of the backpack program. Unfortunately they are always smashed. There’s only so many smashed crackers we can eat. lol So I was thrilled when my sister, Heather, gave me this recipe for Saltine Pork Chops.

I use boneless pork chops of medium thickness.

Smash crackers and mix with a bit of sage and salt and pepper. (I used white pepper because I like it)

Mix D’Jonaise with minced garlic (Or you can put powdered garlic in the dry mix.)

Heat olive oil in pan on stove.

Dredge chops in mustard mix, then coat with cracker mix. Cook five minutes on each side.


I’ll take some pics the next time I make this.  This time mine got a bit crisp.  Still yummy though!!

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  1. i love that recipe i dont really like prork but these are yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

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