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Ponytail Holer ribbon necklace

Here’s another cute necklace I found on the Dollar Store Craft site.

To learn how to make it check out this blog!!


Have fun!!



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DIY Ribbon Necklace

I have to add this ribbon necklace to my to-do list!!!

For instructions on how to make this lovely necklace check out this blog:



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I get a lot of great craft ideas from Craft Forum. There are lots of friendly crafters there to bounce ideas off of.

Check it out.

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Creative Flooring

I’ve always been interested in creative ways to do floors.  I would love to paint or whitewash the not so nice hardwood floors in my home.  I’m not having much luck convincing my other half of that idea.

I also love this idea of using brown paper and poly.  Check it out!!



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Dryer lint Fire starters!!

I’m all about recycling and being thrifty.  So here’s a good one.  lol  I’m making my Dad a set of fire starters out of an old egg carton and some dryer lint!!

Here’s the instructions!!


It was pretty easy.  I just put dryer lint in each egg spot.  Then melted down an old jar candle on the stove while cooking dinner.  Then I dumped a bit of wax into each egg spot.   When set, I’ll cut them apart.  Then I’ll wrap in wax paper and tie with a bit of string.


A thrifty, but practical gift!!


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Fairies (to go with the fairy tree house)

If I ever get to make the fairy tree house for Grace . . . I will need to make fairies to go with it.


Here’s step by step instructions at The Fairies’ Nest!!

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Felted Wool Scarf

I am so in love with this scarf on Etsy.

I just think it is absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s a link to it, if you’d like to buy it.

The price tag,  however, is way out of my league.  So I will be making the recycled wool version.  I’m a little nervous about it.  I’m not sure why.  I bought the sweaters at the Goodwill when I was fooling myself into thinking I could make wool longies out of them.

All I’m going to do is cut the felted sweater to mimic the knitted version.  I will then make the roses out of circles of red wool.  I already made some last year for a wreath project that I never finished.   I also made some ornaments using the same idea for an ornament swap.  So I’m good to go on that.  But the hand cutting of the leaves has me nervous.

I have a gray sweater, but it’s a lambswool that I’m not sure will be sturdy enough for this.  My other option is a cream sweater that I have here.  I was saving it for another project, but oh well.

I really need to get moving on this.  I was hoping to give it to my cousin for her Birthday tomorrow.  Sounds like a good night for midnight crafting!!  Woo-Hoo!!  I’ll try to remember to post some pics!!

Oh and I will be making the roses removable with safety pins as well.

Ok, here’s a not so great picture of my version of the scarf.

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